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Hermann Medical's Home Medical Supplies

Aside from our extensive specialties in the orthotics and prosthetics  field, Hermann Medical thrives with excellence when it comes to supplying customers with the finest medical devices and products available. Our company is committed to bringing quality medical supplies that really meet the standards set by the industry and also our clients. Hermann Medical can find almost anything that you’re looking for when it comes to quality medical devices and products. By providing quality and affordable products, we give our customers the satisfaction that they deserve. Our products and services are geared toward improving and sustaining the health of our patients. With each device, we always have our clients in mind. Our main focus is the needs of the family, from the children and grown-ups, up to the elderly members. We are proud of our initiatives to anticipate and provide our patient’s needs in the field of medical care as well as personal care.

Quality Product Designs

The different equipment and devices that we supply are products of intensive research and development, and are all aimed at brining our patients streamlined and effective products that will suit their needs. This is very important in the home. With every medical product that we develop or carry, we make sure that no detail is overlooked in order to ensure effective and efficient function. Our product developers and educators constantly undergo training in order to energize their skills and ideas for new techniques in the development and delivery of each apparatus.  Each device undergoes strict quality control in order to ensure the safety of the user and to come up to the standard set by the industry. Moreover, the material used for the development of each apparatus is of the finest quality available, and the highly educated staff is here to keep the customer knowledgeable and up to date about their medical products and services.

Our Vast Range of Medical Supplies

Aside from our quality product designs, the home supplies that we provide range from products for men, women, children as well as elderly patients. For the elderly, we have a long line of daily living aids, diagnostic products, lift chairs, power scooters, and wheelchairs. For children, we have pediatric care products. Those shown here are only some of the examples of very practical aids for treatment as well as for a person’s daily and independent living. 

Affordable Prices for Quality Medical Products

Our company offers a vast line of products at the most competitive prices that you can find in today’s market. We are also one of the most trusted home delivery and online companies in the world, and provide the highest quality medical products and services at an affordable price. With Hermann Medical, patients can find every supply at the right price, whether for diabetes care, mobility solutions, personal care, first aid supplies, and much more.

We Provide Excellent Customer Service

We take pride in the fact that we are one of the online companies that doctors, nurses and caregivers go to in their needs for hospital and home supplies. With us clients will never go wrong with the products that they choose because our accommodating customer service representatives are always there to help and supply the information necessary for your decision making. Furthermore, you can rely on our delivery services if you’re looking for a fast turnaround.

The listings below are the majority of the products that patients need on a frequent basis,
although, we can provide almost any specific medical supply a patient needs.

  • Arthritis products
  • Lift chairs
  • Rollators
  • Hospital beds
  • Alternating pressure and rotating mattresses
  • Nebulizers
  • Custom insoles
  • TENS and muscle stimulators
  • Continuous passive motion
  • Bariatric and pediatric equipment
  • Bath and toilet aids
  • And much more